On-The-Go Energy for Brain & Body

- Mental & Physical Energy
- Mood & Memory Support

Brain Wafers are a new way to maximize your day by increasing your mental and physical energy. Packed in convenient, single-serve pouches, Brain Wafers contain natural ingredients that boost your brain’s excitatory neurotransmitters – molecules that motivate your brain.*

Start Your Day the Right Way, Wake Up to a Wafer


First class of the day.
Important conference call.
Getting the kids ready for school.


Every day brings challenges and tasks. Get motivated with Brain Wafers, the natural way to take on your day.

A Better Way to Get Back in the Game


Afternoon work slump.
Last minute office project.
Another late-night cram session.


When you need a brain boost, reach for a pouch. Brain Wafers are the on-call answer when you need to improve your focus and concentration.


The ingredients, form factor, and packaging make our wafer uniquely effective.

  • Fast Acting

    Get alert and motivated in minutes, giving you that needed jumpstart.

  • Long Lasting

    Feel energized for hours at work or play, completing your projects on time.

  • All Natural

    Safe and natural ingredients blended for optimal effect, without relying on caffeine.

  • Convenient Pouch

    Small sachet allows for easy handling and storage when you are on-the-go.

Who Benefits?

Students, athletes, car and truck drivers, moms and dads, nurses and doctors on the front lines. Nearly all can benefit from Brain Wafers’ convenient and effective energy formula.

Exam putting you in a jam?
Maximize your focus
and concentration.


Intense workout?
Get motivated to kickstart your routine.


Front line health worker?
Stay alert and ready
with a wafer.


Dreading the drive?
Reach for a wafer to wake
up the road.

  • Neurons and Neurotransmitters

    The latest estimate is that the human brain is filled with about 86 billion nerve cells, called neurons, communicating with each other. They are the fundamental units of the brain and nervous system. Neurons are the cells responsible for receiving sensory input from the external world, for sending motor commands to muscles, and for relaying the electrical signals in between.

  • Neuron Structure

    A neuron has three main parts: a cell body, dendrites, and an axon. The receiver end of a neuron has the cell body and its dendrites (upper left). There is also the axon, a long, thin structure that is covered by the myelin sheath. Finally, there is the transmitter end, called the axon terminal (lower right).

  • Neurotransmitters

    Neurons communicate from axon (transmitter) to dendrite (receiver), via neurotransmitters. The axon generates an action potential that travels the length of the axon and causes release of neurotransmitters into the space between the neurons (synapse or synaptic cleft). Neurotransmitters then travel across the synapse to receptors on the dendrites of the receiving neuron. Neurotransmitters are then released from the receptors, and are either broken down or go back into the axon of the transmitter neuron.

  • Dopamine

    Dopamine is an excitatory catecholamine neurotransmitter. In the body, it is produced from amino acids, indirectly from phenylalanine, and directly from tyrosine. Tyrosine is then converted to DOPA, dopamine, norepinephrine, and then epinephrine. (Epinephrine is also known as adrenaline.) Some vitamins, including B6 and C, aid in these conversions by acting as cofactors. Excitatory transmitters generate a signal called an action potential. This allows for the transmission of information. Acetylcholine is another excitatory neurotransmitter.


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Just what a working mom needs! These brain wafers really help me get through my busy days with a toddler and working. I hate relying on coffee for a caffeine buzz and now I no longer have to. These natural brain vitamins allow me to focus better and boost my energy when I need it the most and they taste good too! I highly recommend this product to all the moms out there!

Great alternative to caffeine and energy drinks. Love this. I was looking for an alternative to those days when you're in need of caffeine, and not a lot of things worked that didn't cause jitters or would keep me awake longer than I'd like. This helped my focus and energy, but in a really subtle way. Didn't even realize it was working until I realized how much I was able to do and the level of attention I was able to give during meetings.

Clear and Focused. I'm happy to have been introduced to Brain Wafers because I felt I was able to calmly stay focused on work tasks while working from home. Compared to drinking coffee (which I used to do), I felt the Brain Wafers kept me focused and energized, but not too energized like I would with coffee where I would find myself bouncing back and forth between work and personal things rather than focusing on completing one task at a time. I feel much more balanced because of it. Thanks Brain Wafers!

Energy product that truly works! Love Brain Wafers really gives you the energy your body needs. I normally feel sleepy every morning and my energy level is often low. When I started taking Brain Wafers in the morning it helps me to focus on my day-to-day tasks resulting in a more productive day. Love the energy it gives me, and it truly works! I highly recommend this product.

Helped my Zoom meeting. Having one of my brain-fatigued hours plus a Zoom meeting coming up, I tried a Brain Wafer sample without expecting much. But to my surprise I actually perked up. I also felt I could focus more. I checked out the website and learned a lot about the science behind the product. I loved the hint of raspberry flavor and that it is not loaded with sugar.

The wafers energized me and improved my ability to compose sentences, and I felt much sharper.