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ABOUT THIS PAGE: Many people email us their comments instead of putting them on the product page, so we created this page to list all the reviews.

Since taking the brain wafers, I have no need for coffee in the morning. I'm very alert and ready for work in minutes after taking the wafer. They are easy to have in my backpack or glove compartment. Making coffee takes time and often ends with side effects. No downside to the wafer. Plus easily disposable packaging. Michael, California

I love your brain wafers before my workouts. Cindy, Pennsylvania

I received a sample package of the Brain Wafer's and almost immediately showed a result. About the 3rd day in I noticed I had more energy in the morning, I was able to concentrate on work items that I would usually push to the side.  It was refreshing to become so hyper focused at a time of day where I usually was dragging. Since then, I've been ordering the wafers for myself and my husband.  My husband had an accident years ago and was paralyzed on his left side for 6 months. He's in his 60's and his energy levels have been down, especially with his physical endurance. Since he started taking the Brain Wafers he has been able to get around better, providing more energy physically. He has noticed that he is a lot more focused on smaller details in his work field. We will continue to purchase Brain Wafers because we are seeing the added benefits of doing so. Tammy, Idaho

My spouse and I have been using your product since last year, after COVID began. I am a health professional, and we strongly believe in your product. The Wafer has made a great impact on our daily living. Martha, New York

Brain Wafers made me feel more focused and more alert. I felt like I had more mental energy. Overall, I had a positive experience. Al, New Jersey

So far my experience with Brain Wafers is enhanced energy and increased alertness. At first bounce I think you have a really effective product...Best wishes for continued success with this product! Ron, New Jersey

The product is excellent and I most definitely felt it working as soon as I took it! I plan on purchasing more and look forward to seeing the results in my day-to-day activities. I wish you much success! Eric, New Jersey

I’m very content with the quality that Brain Wafers delivers as per their packaging.  With the endless days of studying and exams, this product really does provide that needed support which improves not only concentration but the mood. Once taken, the effects are fast-acting, and it gives me a chance to sit down and work productively with the needed push of energy it provides. While taking them, I feel energized and determined to work on my tasks and feel as if this wafer provides that unique balance of energy and emotions. It is truly a product for those who have much to accomplish and need that healthy and safe guidance to persevere. Stephanie, New Jersey

I had my university graduation ceremony this past week and had to wake up at 6 AM! I haven't woken up this early in months and did not think I would survive the day. When I woke up, I had a Brain Wafer to give myself a little boost. It wasn't long until I was energized and getting ready for graduation. I was even ready early and I don't know if it would have been possible without Brain Wafer! Sydnie, New Jersey

I'm happy to have been introduced to Brain Wafers because I felt I was able to calmly stay focused on work tasks while working from home. Compared to drinking coffee (which I used to do), I felt the Brain Wafers kept me focused and energized, but not too energized like I would with coffee where I would find myself bouncing back and forth between work and personal things rather than focusing on completing one task at a time. I feel much more balanced because of it. Thanks Brain Wafers! Ollie, California

Love this. I was looking for an alternative to those days when you're in need of caffeine, and not a lot of things worked that didn't cause jitters or would keep me awake longer than I'd like. This helped my focus and energy, but in a really subtle way. Didn't even realize it was working until I realized how much I was able to do and the level of attention I was able to give during meetings. Leah, California

These brain wafers really help me get through my busy days with a toddler and working. I hate relying on coffee for a caffeine buzz and now I no longer have to. These natural brain vitamins allow me to focus better and boost my energy when I need it the most and they taste good too! I highly recommend this product to all the moms out there! Noelle, New York

Taking a brain wafer increased my sense of well-being and increased my awareness. I felt sharper and more alert. Joe, New Jersey

Love Brain Wafers, really gives you the energy your body needs. I normally feel sleepy every morning and my energy level is often low. When I started taking Brain Wafers in the morning it helps me to focus on my day-to-day tasks resulting in a more productive day. Love the energy it gives me, and it truly works! I highly recommend this product. Cehl, California

In my nature of work, with all the stress and pressure that drain all my energy everyday when I haven't even started my day yet, these brain wafers solve my energy problems! No more caffeine dependency when these Brain Wafers work surprisingly amazing to me! Brain wafers give me the energy to be productive, to focus more and deliver more. I noticed the improvement of my memory too. These brain wafers are the safest, healthiest with the best high quality ingredients formulated--thus the most effective in feeding our brain in the market. As I've said, the search is over! Go get your brain wafers now! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Bonnie, California

The wafers energized me and improved my ability to compose sentences and I felt much sharper. Jim, California

I felt more energetic and some kind of relief in my brain and more focus. Alejandra, New York

Have tried Brain Wafers several times under different circumstances. The energy and focus is so much better then taking coffee, 5 hour energy or Red Bull type products and no crash afterwards-great for a morning, noon or later pick-me-up! What's great-No Jitters like too much caffeine! What I want to emphasize are some scenarios I tried that are not touted in the companies advertising. For example, my wife and I recently celebrated (over celebrated:) our anniversary and I had a few too many glasses of wine. Ever have that foggy mind the morning after? I took a pack of Brain Wafers the next morning and amazingly the fog just lifted away and I felt great! About an hour later I went to the gym and had an awesome, workout with more endurance then normal. I liked it so much I tried it again 2 days later just before going to the gym and had the same awesome workout with much more endurance. I'm convinced and will continue to use it on a daily basis! LJB, Washington

I'm a fitness instructor at night, so I work as a secretary all day then teach a class. I've been using Brain Wafers right before I teach and it keeps me focused along with giving me energy to get through the classes. I love this product. Jo, New Jersey

I take one packet first thing in the morning and I notice the effects within about 2 minutes. My thinking is sharper and a pleasant well-being feeling washes over me. It's not like the rush of caffeine, which can feel harsh and is short lasting. Instead, this is more gently calming, but expansive and stimulating at the same time. I'm most aware of the effects during the first 4 hours or more, then I notice I feel a more sustained energy during the day as well. I do an online brain exercise program every morning and my scores have improved since using Brain Wafers! Kai, Colorado

I got the sample in the city after a heavy lunch. I wasn't looking forward to a long boring afternoon of meetings. On a normal day it would be all I could do to keep awake. So gave Brain Wafers a go. Just one wafer on my tongue and I felt brighter before I was back at the office. I can't get over how good I felt. Not jittery, not coffee'd up or "frizzed out" and here's the big one for me. All of the energy drinks I've tried always crash me the next day. So far so good, no crash. It does taste a little funny, but I think that's what Energy tastes like! Bill, New Jersey